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Airline ticket tips to save you money

There is no single source for the cheapest airline tickets because a lot of factors affect the price. Airline ticket pricing depends on your departure/destination airport, airline, and time of travel and there is no single tool that will show you the complete picture. 

Let me first list some general tips that apply when you want to save on airline tickets. 

Buy a package — buying a hotel room with an air ticket can often save you a lot. This also brings extra revenue to the booking agencies.

Be flexible with dates — plus/minus one day can make a huge difference with air travel. $200 was saved on a ticket to Europe by moving the departure date from June 1 to May 31.

Research nearby airports — many services provide an option which will enable you to include into your search the nearby airports around your departure/destination point. This may help you reduce the price.

Go for extra stops — non-stop flights are usually the most expensive and if you have time at your hands consider a connecting flight instead

Below is an explanation of our online tool to help you find the best ticket price. 

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This engine will search for the best price airline ticket and then redirect you to the booking agency or airline website to buy the ticket. This search engine is free to use and makes money from advertisement. 
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