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In Illinois, most everything revolves around Chicago, which is the largest Great Lakes city. Chicago has a host of top-rated cafés, restaurants, museums and numerous bars and nightclubs with a strong jazz and blues heritage.  Hyde Park has the Museum of Science and Industry, The home of Ernest Hemingway is located in Oak Park along with examples of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Springfield is 199 miles south of Chicago.  Get tickets at the Lincoln Home Visitor Center, at 8th and Jackson, for a tour of Lincoln's house, which he shared with his wife Mary from 1844 to 1861. Tours are free (daily 8.30 am -5 pm, Tel 217-523-0222). The state has a population of 12 million people.
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Belleville BLV
Bloomington BMI
Chicago, Merrill C. Meigs CGW
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Chicago O'Hare ORD
Decatur DEC
DuPage DPA
Kankakee IKK
Moline, Quad City MLI
Mt. Vernon MVN
Peoria PIA
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Williard CMI
East Alton ALN
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Interstates 55 and 57 runs south through central Illinois from Chicago. Parallel to I-55, route 66 cuts to the Pacific Coast. A worthwhile stop, via either interstate, is the state capital, Springfield, which commemorates Abraham Lincoln. Chicago has it all, with less hassle and infrastructure problems than most large cities. Chicago has the busiest airport in the world (O'Hare, Airport code ORD), it is also the hub of the Amtrak train network