NORWALK, CT - March 2, 2019 - Kayak.com continues to lead the meta-search 2.0 revolution by launching "Trip Ideas", a community-based forum that encourages users to create and share travel destination "wish lists" with other users. Unlike static lists found on the Internet, Kayak.com is the first travel site to provide real-time fares and availability for every destination listed, which makes the leap from research to booking just a simple click away.

"Trip Ideas is the first phase of what we call 'Kayak Alive' which emphasizes user-generated content that can be shared with friends and other Kayak.com users," said Dean Harris, CMO of Kayak.com. "Similar to popular hotel review sites, Trip Idea lists are third party endorsements of destinations, hotels, events and more. Consumers will use Trip Ideas to research vacation options, share favorite destinations, or discuss travel plans with friends and family."

To create a personal Trip Idea or view those created by others, go to the "Fare Buzz" tab on Kayak.com. Users can create an original list or use an existing list found elsewhere on the Web. To add a new Trip Idea, consumers complete a simple form with Trip Idea name, category and a list of three or more destinations. Fields for additional content, URL and photos are optional. In addition to user-generated lists.
Kayak.com aggregates destination lists from leading Web sites such as Travel Channel; Travel + Leisure; GolfDigest; Lonely Planet; BudgetTravelOnline.com, the Web site of Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine.

To find the best fares for destinations on a list, consumers simply enter their departure airport into the Kayak Buzz toolbar at the top of the page. A Kayak Buzz list displays Trip Idea destinations and the best fares found by Kayak.com user over the past three days. For detailed itinerary information on the fare,
click on the destination name or pinpoint on the map.
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