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Something conducive to comfort or convenience; includes such things as saunas, beauty parlors, health spas, gourmet restaurants, and special soaps and shampoos, for example.

Assured Reservations
Unique to rooms guaranteed with a Credit Card. If a hotel does not have the room that was guaranteed, it is required to find alternate lodging at its own expense.

Check-in time
In hotels, the earliest time at which a room will be available. At airline terminals, the latest time at which a passenger may arrive for the flight without the risk of loosing their seat. 

Continental breakfast
A breakfast of rolls, fruit and coffee or tea. Often provided complimentary by hotels and motels.

Guaranteed Late Arrival
A hold placed on a room to provide for the late arrival of a guest after 400 PM or 600 PM. If the guest fails to appear for the night's stay, the hotel will charge the traveler for the room.

Limited service hotel
A hotel property without a restaurant

No Show Billing
A penalty incurred if a hotel reservation is not cancelled, generally by 400 PM to 600 PM the day of arrival. Generally, this penalty is equal to the first night's stay and taxes.

Rack rate
The standard price of a hotel room before any discount has been taken, usually artificially high. Rooms rarely sell for the rack rate unless the property is virtually full or a special event is taking place

Service Charges and Taxes
Service charges are a fixed percentage automatically added to room and meal charges.  The city, state, or federal government sets taxes.

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