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Cheap airline flights - Timing is Everything

Flexibility is a must.

Always consider "off peak" travel first. In the travel industry, they refer to the period between peak and off peak as the "shoulder seasons." Good travel planning in these shoulders and off peak times will ensure lower overall costs for air, hotel and car rentals and, fewer tourists to compete with for destination attractions. 

Flexibility also includes traveling on specific days during the week. Many carriers have reduced fares, even in the same fare basis, Tuesday through Thursday and all day Saturday. The famous, "Saturday night stay required," is also a clue to savings. Even time of day can be an important factor, as many fares will state that travel after noon on Monday or before 8 AM on Friday gives a lower fare. The airlines know when their planes are full and when they need to be filled and they price accordingly. Many carriers control their seats so closely, with computers programmed to recognize such things as "no show rate" and historical loading, that they can add or remove a fare basis for those seats minute by minute.

Flexibility also includes alternative airports on both ends of your trip, most travelers are aware that Chicago, Dallas and Miami (Fort Lauderdale) have more than one airport and if you go as far as 150 miles for an alternative airport you can save more than you can imagine. The important factor in choosing an airport that far from your destination is whether or not fast, frequent and frugal service between the two cities is available.

Many airports are connected directly by Airport bus and while you may not be able to find them "online," this information is available to airline reservation agents and travel agents. Remember to think of alternatives and then ask your agents if any are available.
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